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Welcome to Tech+Equation, the STEM school for today.

Welcome to Tech+Equation, the STEM school for today.

About Us

Science Education + Experience

We are Tech+Equation, Inc. We are a tech start-up 501 (c)(3) tax-exempt corporation. Our mission is to accelerate career-readiness for students by STEM – Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math – outreach and mentoring. We want job-readiness for community minds seeking to grow (especially, learners K – 16).

Where do you begin?

Merced and the Central Valley are being primed for the 21st Century with the UC Merced 2020 campus expansion in full swing, and we believe that it is the additive efforts of the community that accelerate invaluable transformations. And learners should have all the tools to be competitive in today’s modern economy.

Local Leaders. Local Challenges. Local Solutions.

Silicon Valley EAST, which part are you building?


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TIC TOC, is time on your side?

We are building a community of learners that will enjoy an inviting and innovating STEM school for all.

Tech+Equation, Inc.

1666 N Street, Merced, California 95341, United States

(209) 386-7340

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